Zen Massage Liniment Joint & Muscle Relief Spray 100ml


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Zen Massage Liniment Joint & Muscle Relief Spray 100ml

Zen Massage Liniment helps lubricate the skin, to ease massage movements and has a warming effect on stiff muscles and joints

Zen contains herbals ingredients to assist the massaging of stiff joints and muscles, and with Mentha Avensis Oil, has a wraming effect at the same time

  • All natural joint and muscle massage liniment
  • Lubricating massage liniment to aid massage therapy for Back & Muscle aches and joint stiffness
  • Using natural herbal ingredients which contribute to the relief of body stiffnes


Panax pseudoginseng root, Angelica polymorpha root, Spatholobus suberectus stem, Commiphora myrrha stem bark resin, Boswellia carterii stem bark resin, Drynaria fortune rhizome, Dipsacus japonicas root, Arnica montana flower, Mentha arvensis herb oil, Cajuput oil, Camphor, Ethanol, Purified Water